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Sweet Speech Therapy, LLC is a pediatric private practice serving students ages 3-21 that individually tailors services to best meet the needs of the child. Therapy locations include: daycares, private schools, in-home, or in office appointments. Services are differentiated by implementing research-based interventions and providing a strong focus on a team driven approach.  Special attention to literacy skills, interventions to support Dyslexia, and written/organizational strategies help to globally improve academic needs.  Currently serving all of Northern Virginia and expanding services via teletherapy.


Sweet Speech Therapy, LLC offers a wide range of speech and language evaluation and intervention services including individual therapy sessions and summer co-treatment camps, partnering with an Occupational Therapist. Certifications include:


  • Social Thinking ©

    • Michelle Garcia Winner

    • Superflex and the Team of Unthinkables

    • The Incredible and Flexible You

    • Thinking About You Thinking About Me

  • Lively Letters ©- Learning with TLC

  • Visualizing and Verbalizing Program ©- Lindamood-Bell

  • Seeing Stars ©- Lindamood-Bell

  • AEIOU Feeding Therapy ©

  • Hanen- More Than Words©

  • Kaufman Apraxia training and continuing education

  • Research-based core vocabulary development and *key presenter





Interventions Available

The following speech, language and reading interventions are provided by SST, LLC

Testing Information

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Fee Schedule/Insurance Information

Currently SST, LLC provides billing and diagnosis codes to ensure families are able to submit all therapies to their insurance companies. Fees may be subject to change. Please reach out for the most updated information.


"When we met Jen, I felt like we were on a quickly sinking ship with no life vest. I knew our son was struggling, but I didn’t know enough to figure out what the problem was or, more importantly, how to help him. From the very first time my husband and I met and spoke with Jen, I felt an enormous weight lifted from my chest.

She swiftly came in, assessed our son, developed a plan of action, and started her work. Within weeks, we could see an improvement in both his skills and confidence. Reading groups at school went from something dreadful to something that seemed totally manageable. After four months of working together, we started hearing from all the teachers that he was making substantial progress toward meeting his peers. Jen made other recommendations that not only appeared to be good decisions, but ones that will change the course of our son’s future for the better. Her knowledge and expertise have put her in the position of our most trusted resource for him.

Jen’s warm and caring personality, consistently positive attitude (I’ve never heard so much laughing during reading lessons), and ability to take the proven reading program and use it to tailor her approach for our son have created exactly the environment we want our son to be in and all the reinforcements we were looking for. Jen has taken time to get know our son - strengths and weaknesses, what his interests are, about our family, what he enjoys - all as ways to communicate with him and make him want to learn. She has gone so far as to bring fishing books with her just to excite him! She uses a mix of interactive games and tools to drill him without him even knowing that he is “working.” When I observe them together, I can truly feel magic in the room. Her loving attitude and constant recognition of his hard work have enabled him to truly believe that he can do anything.

Our son has gone from ‘not being able to measure his reading level (because he wasn’t on the charts)’ to reading above the grade level in less than 8 months. This is an amazing achievement. She has opened up our child’s universe by showing him that he can read. He can do it. I hate to think where we would be without Jen, but every single day I am so very thankful that we found her. I cannot stress the depth of gratitude I feel. This is the best phone call you can ever make for your child..." -Elementary School Parent

"Our son worked with Miss Jen in the private school setting where she worked as a writing instructor. With her help, he has found great ways to expand his written work. She understood his unique needs and executive function challenges and continues to provide him with research-based approaches to succeed in the public school setting!"-Middle School parent

"My child received articulation remediation through Miss Jen and her work has greatly improved my son's speech sounds! She helped him to feel confident with his sounds, worked closely with his school, and was creative and unique in her therapy approach! We are so grateful for her help!" Pre-Kindergarten parent

"My daughter has worked with Miss Jen for two years. Miss Jen provides speech therapy in our home and helped my daughter improve her reading fluency and the ability to break words apart to become a better reader. She is now reading on grade level. Her sweet and charismatic demeanor made my daughter fall in love with working with her and much more receptive to her interventions!"- Elementary school parent 



Jennifer Lawrence, M.S., CCC-SLP

Greetings! Welcome to Sweet Speech Therapy, LLC. I am the owner; an ASHA certified, Virginia licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  My professional experiences have been in public and private schools, preschools, home environments, and private therapy settings throughout Pennsylvania, Texas and Northern Virginia. I feel that it is important for a child to have their interventions take place in the most comfortable environment. I currently work with students across all age and grade levels; from pre-school through high school. 

My expertise includes providing intervention for over 8 years. I am trained to help students struggling with language and literacy skills by targeting spelling, decoding/encoding skills, written expression, and improving organization of language. I also possess expertise in the area of core vocabulary and have developed formalized approaches to implement vocabulary in all environments. Other interventions I provide include: addressing receptive/expressive language, articulation or phonological disorders, and disorders of fluency.


My intervention techniques heavily embed research and specialized training to support students and include: AEIOU feeding therapy®, Linda Mood Bell® Certification (including Seeing Stars,  and Visualizing and Verbalizing), Social Thinking ® (including The Incredible and Flexible You, Thinking About You, Thinking About Me and Superflex and the Team of Unthinkables), Kaufman® Apraxia techniques, and over 75+ hours of continuing education in Dyslexia and Executive Functioning. To improve emotional/behavioral challenges that may be present, Millie, a therapy dog, also provides encouragement in office-based sessions upon interest. This helps to improve focus, self-esteem, while feeling more comfortable in a new learning environment. 



I look forward to discussing ways I am able to help your child!

                                                                          -Miss Jen


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-Miss Jen


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